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5% of all proceeds are donated to Bright Blessings

What is Home Staging?

• Staging a home is preparing a home to be sold, so that they attract buyers to the specific listing. Staging helps move properties regardless of the current market. 

• Staging a home is not just decorating or putting furniture into a listing. You are preparing a home to give it an appearance that the potential buyer can envision themselves living in. 

• Well polished listings show better and look better in MLS photos and virtual tours online, thus bringing in more buyers to preview the property. 

• The investment to stage a home is typically less than dropping the listed price of the home. 

 • Studies have shown that staged homes sell faster and for more money versus homes that are not.

Why stage a home?

  • According to recent studies, a professionally staged home will sell 72% faster than a home not being staged. 
  • In a study of over 3500 homes over half saw an increase of 10% on the homes initial value. 
  • Over 80% of buyers can more easily envision what they are looking for in a staged home.   
  • By spending less than 1% of your homes value, sellers have gotten a 1000% return on what they paid for the house to be staged once the listing was sold. 

Why Hudson?

As seen on "Open House NYC" Marci Kahan is one of the most qualified and successful realtors and stagers, not only in New York but also in North Carolina and South Carolina. Marci has staged homes for Television, for sale, and for events, her projects have ranged from 7,000 square feet to 1,000......nothing is too large or small.  Clients and customers appreciate her tireless dedication, hard work ethic, and in depth understanding of the real estate market. 

A little about the owner.......  

Marci Kahan is originally from New York City and has been successfully selling Real Estate in Manhattan for several years. When deciding where she'd like to raise her daughter, and two dogs she did a tremendous amount of research and decided Charlotte would make the perfect home. After 5 years of selling and staging homes successfully she knows she made an excellent choice.

That brings us to why the name...... 

In addition to her strong ties to New York City (The Hudson River), her 8 year old daughter's middle name is Hudson.  Marci adopted her daughter on her own from Russia when her daughter was just 3 years old.  As a single Mom she's always promoting the power of ONE, one person can make a difference in someones life....and in this world.  Much of her spare time is involved in various charitable organizations, including "Hands on Charlotte", "New York Cares", "Second Harvest Food Bank", ”SAVI” (sexual assault & violence intervention), and "Bright Blessings".   That's why Hudson Staging Group is donating 5% of all proceeds to Bright Blessings http://www.brightblessingsusa.org an organization for homeless and impoverished children.

Video - Staging For NBC Open Houses

As a realtor in NYC, NC and SC Marci has an eye for what sells homes, she sold and staged this home for NBC.

Video - Staging In Charlotte

Check out this great video, this home was a complete renovation, staged and sold!

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